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Monday, October 17, 2016

Design Wall Monday...

...and Retreat Report

This past weekend was our annual quilt retreat.
Most of the quilters have been coming to this retreat for several years.
I always look forward to spending time with my friends and 
sewing with my daughter.
Numerous hours of sewing, talking, laughing, eating.
Definitely having fun!

I mostly worked on quilts in progress.
These Garlic Knot blocks will complete my quilt after the blocks swap next month.
I can't believe I have them ready ahead of time.

Unlike these log cabin blocks that I made to complete a top from a swap earlier this year
I now have enough to put my blocks together.

 I started these Dresden Plates at our May retreat.
I put them in the box at the retreat and promptly put them away
and didn't even look at them until this weekend.
Now they are ready to applique to the background.
I'm pretty excited to get this one done.

I must have leaders/enders!
I do that crazy reach for something when nothing is there.
I'm working on Bonnie's Garden Party.
Just the flower blocks are my l/e project and 17 were finished.
I started the connector blocks as my last project of the weekend.
Of course I had to put a few together,
just to see. :)
I have a nice bunch of parts for 9 patches now.
I think red  9 patches might be my favorite.

The weather for the weekend was super stormy.
For a little excitement Friday night,
 this tree crashed into the barn.
No one was hurt.

There was a horseback riding class happening at the time.
The kids kept their horses under control,
the instructor did a wonderful job of keeping everyone calm,
despite "wanting to have a nervous breakdown".
We sew in a huge classroom on the other side of this huge barn/covered arena.
That was more excitement than anyone wanted.
Here's a great video of Royal Ridges where I retreat to 3 times a year.
You can see the covered arena and on the far side is where the tree came down.
We sew on the opposite side.
Despite the storm and the tree,
we had a fabulous weekend.
Great to spend time with friends doing what we love to do.

See great design walls at Patchwork Times.

Edited to add...

I forgot to show you my Be My Neighbor blocks~~

The last one is a tribute to my cat loving friend Sue.
I call it the Crazy Cat Lady's house.


AnnieO said...

OMG, where to start? You were a powerhouse at retreat, what fun to play with so many different blocks. The storm excitement everyone could have lived without, no doubt. I am hit and miss on leader/enders as I don't plan ahead enough (not that that is news to anyone I'm related to!)

Mary said...

I'll have to look at the Video. Did they build a bigger sewing room? That will be nice for next year with Bonnie. I love your Be my neighbor blocks. Nice to get the projects you took worked on! Good Progress, Judy!

swooze said...

Ion Garden Party. My chain is orange what color is yours?

swooze said...

Ion means oooooohhh

Melissa said...

wow, you had some excitement! It sounds like you never lost power there though so that part is good. I'm glad no one was hurt too. Good job on your progress!

Suzanne said...

I have been printing off the Be My Neighbor patterns and just bought the fabric I want to use with it this weekend. I really like your blocks.