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Friday, October 28, 2016

Beach Life

Our beach property is a no hunting zone.
This makes my hunter a bit anxious.
Not really.
We see deer all over, I've heard there are bear.
I saw a porcupine.
I want to see a bear.
From the pickup window.

This fat coyote was standing in the middle of the road one day.
He finally moved to lay down under this tree.

Boardwalk Quilts in Long Beach is closing.
I am sad to see this happen but the owners want to retire.
I understand.
So I helped reduce the inventory on a recent trip to the property.
The scrap bin was my first stop.
Do I have a scrap problem.
I don't think it's a problem.

I filled one lunch bag with neutrals that will be used for my On The Road Quilt
and a table runner that I will quilt and use in the bus.

This time I went to the scrap bin and loaded up my lunch sack with all kinds of zip baggies.
Open the baggie to get all the air out and roll.
I stuffed that bag full. 
I guess I could have emptied the baggies but it was more fun squishing the air out.

I saw this fabric and passed on it.
I had Ernie stop on the way home because it haunted my dreams.
I bought 3 yards.
 I love it so much.
Retro typewriters bring back childhood memories of my Aunt Sharon.

Walks on the beach are nice.
Tony dog runs like a crazy dog.

My little Brother machine now lives in the bus.
I took a few projects to work on.
I needed to applique some blocks for a swap.

Then my Dresden Plates were all appliqued down. 
I wish I would have thought to use the walking foot sooner. 
It made the applique so much smoother.
The blocks were sewn into rows.
I brought them all home because I need a good hot iron.
That has now been added to my bus bag.

Some of the items are already to go on the next trip.
I love this beach life. 
I'm so glad we finally achieved my dream.
I really happy that it is now Ernie's dream as well.
He took a long time to think about it.
Like 40 years. LOL

OK, when's the next trip???


Marie said...

Life on the beach is always good -- might even be better than a fabric sale! Enjoy ....

Mary said...

Life's a Beach I've heard. Glad you have him Finally convinced. Stash Problem, huh? NAH! You only missed a little excitement online... Go get your Color cards if you're doing the Quiltville Mystery.

Suzanne said...

I have the same dream, of living back at the beach.