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Monday, October 03, 2016

Design Wall Monday

Not much sewing has been happening around here. 
I'm working on some Garlic Knots blocks made from 2 1/2" strips from batik swaps.
There is a group of us swapping.
I'm making 20 to swap and 18 more to keep for myself.
That will make a nice cuddle on the couch quilt.

I'm sewing all the squares into sets.
I'll almost ready for a good pressing session.
Then there will be the layout on the design boards
and on to sewing them into blocks.

We have been busy designing.
We bought a beach lot for our retirement gift to ourselves.
I've always wanted a place at the beach, 
Ernie, not so much until recently.
We have lots of work to do here.
We have lots of time to do the work.
The bus is parked in her home.
The shed has been cleaned out.
Their garbage and recycle has been taken away.
My sewing station is already set up.

Take some time to see what others have on their design wall at


Mary said...

AWESOME gift to yourselves. The Beach is a great place to retire! I'm staying here- landlocked and near the Foothills of the Blues. Can't beat the beauty I see when I go out and drive through this historic town. I haven't done the Garlic Knots. Have a fun SWAP.

Ramona said...

Your block looks great! What a fun swap. And a beach lot for retirement! How wonderful! And even better that it has a sewing station. Enjoy!!

Quilter Kathy said...

Great idea! Nothing better than sewing by the water!
Enjoy your garlic knots... they look like a fun block to sew!

Julie said...

Awesome garlic knots and I love your beach retreat! What fun!

Melissa said...

Every once in a while I search out beach lots (but up on the north side of Grays Harbor). You are living my wish right now :) I think garlic knots have been growing on me because I have been considering giving them a try.... we'll see.