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Monday, September 12, 2016

Design Wall Monday

We interrupt sewing every day for tuna canning.
Thursday and Saturday was spent canning.
All. Day. Long.
There was no sewing.
There were very few thoughts of sewing on those days.
Except for a little Piece Hexi prep work.

Our family has their year supply of tuna.
The good tuna.
2 tables this size covered in jars of fresh from the ocean tuna.
I'm glad is done!

On the days canning or running around didn't happen, 
I worked on the Swoon Lucy Backpack.
I'm working hard on the fussy cutting.
Some of the gals do this with perfection.
I strive.

I followed the cutting instructions for this.
Maybe with different prints the contrast would work
but for the size of this print, it didn't
My client would not have been happy at all.
So out came the seam ripper and the reverse tweezers and a little tv watching.
It wouldn't be fun without spending time with Mr. Ripper.

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Podunk Pretties said...

Well I've gotta ask...does canning tuna smell as bad as opening a store bought can?

Ramona said...

Wow! Look at your canned tuna! How nice that you can have it fresh from the ocean. Yum. It's making me hungry. :) Your bag is going to be cute!

Julie said...

I have never eaten fresh tuna! Sounds yummy! My mom canned Kokanee and we would make salmon dip out of it, but it's a fresh water fish.

Mary said...

Does the Tuna taste the same as from the Can I buy? Lots of WORK! It's not good to play with MR Ripper, but it is Necessary to get it right. I like it much better. Happy Monday - BLogging Fun Day!