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Monday, September 05, 2016

Design Wall Monday

I'm sitting here making plans for the day when I realized it was Monday!
Holiday weekends really mess with my brain.
It was a good sewing week and I have been able to sew every day so far this month.
It is after all, National Sewing Month and 
my goal is to sew every day.
I finished this wallet for my sister's friend
and started on her bag.

I made some these strip sets into square for my On The Road Quilt.
I was able to use a few leader/enders while doing so.
I need to replenish my green strips.

Yesterday we took a trip to the beach.
I sewed a of strips sets before we left.
snicker, snicker
This is the Astoria-Megler Bridge that connects Oregon and Washington at Astoria, Oregon.
This 4 mile bridge usually terrifies me
but not yesterday.
I was cool as a cucumber.
What is happening to me!

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AnnieO said...

Sewing every day this month is a good plan. I am trying to make myself go in my sewing area daily even if I don't sew. There is always something to do there! Bridges don't usually bother me but there is one very very high freeway bridge that gives me a weird feeling, mostly because people drive too fast!

Mary said...

Glad you remembered it was Monday! I'm not a fan of the Bridges that cross over each other in downtown Portland. I've sewn something every day except Yesterday. Don't want to take any chances of having to pull it out with my nose in Heaven. Happy Sewing Month! Cute wallet.

Julie said...

The wallet would be cuter in purple! Can you tell I am not a sports fan? LOL I love that bridge! I have sewn every day so far this month!

Jen said...

I guess you've realized that bridges and life aren't really in your control! lol If you could see some of the places I've traveled living in Alaska you would pee your pants.....along a DIRT path on a cliff edge,raging river below, with trucks getting around each other from the other direction...sheesh, talk about scared. The worst I ever saw, having been born and raised here, was a couple of men we were following had their small kids in the back of a camper. The camper was coming clear off the bed of the truck on all the ruts they hit, again on a single path cliff -with water raging far below... they hadn't bolted the camper down....bout gave me a heart attack following those idiots...but thank you God they all survived.