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Sunday, June 05, 2016

Slow Stitching Sunday

Since I spent so much time stitching during our weekend away, I've been in a slow stitching mood. I am working now on the small outer sections for Millefiore. This is section 11a and I think my favorite color combo from the quilt. There is one more hexi to sew on and then it's on to 11b which is orange and gray. I'll move right on to the next section instead of sewing this one onto the top.

I am so close with this quilt top. I am constantly thinking how to quilt it. I'm pretty excited about it. I wonder how many needles-I don't like a dull needle-and how much thread I have used. Hmmmm

Kathy is talking about needle disposal today. I use empty pill bottles and have one in each of my sewing spaces/bags. It holds pins, needles, staples and blades. Anything that I don't want to cut myself on. When it's full, I glue the lid on before putting it in the trash.  For rotary blades, I use a blade case and tape it shut when it's full. It just makes my whole body shudder thinking about ramming my hand into something sharp.

Today I am liking up with Kathy's Slow Stitching Sunday post. I love reading these posts and seeing the fabulous work of others.


Deb said...

Love the colors in ths Hexie block, and your way of disposing needles and blades, Happy Stitching

Teresa in Music City said...

I'm with you Judy - this is a lovely color in 11a! I'm still stuck way back on #2 for my Millefiore, but hopefully next year will be its year. I'll enjoy drooling over your magnificent blocks in the meantime!