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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Scrap Addict Wednesday

When our Granddaughter Taylor was little, her favorite movie to watch with Poppy was Monsters, Inc. They had a ritual, get ready, hide under the quilt, get ready, wait for it, SCREAM!!! 

Mike Wazowski, the one eyed green guy, said I've got my eye on you.  Since then, that has been our saying. And because I can't wink, everyone does the Gramma wink (cover one eye) and says I've got my eye on you! So when I found this string in the box, I had a giggle fest! Oh the things we remember at the funnest times!

I've been having a blast with my string blocks. It's so easy to make more than the 5 a day I had planned to to. Since I have no other projects ready to work on, I'm just making strings blocks right now. My goal for 155 blocks for the month is quite reachable.

Eight days into the month, (7 days making string blocks) I have 65 blocks sewn, trimmed and de-papered! Go me!!!

Since 3" blocks use up so little fabric, I also have 9" quilt as you go blocks stacking up. I finished #10 yesterday.  Less not my favorite fabrics and fewer batting scraps. It will take more than one string quilt to tame those batting scraps!

While working in the string bin, I am finding larger than strings. I have 3 chunks that will be turned into backing squares and several pieces to run through the Go cutter for tumblers. Today I am babysitting so it will be a good day to run the Go cutter with a 4 year old as my helper. She loves fabric so it will hold her attention for a few minutes.

I am still hoping to have my string bin empty by the end of the month. Am I a dreamer? Probably but that is my plan. It was fun to read Sarah's post this morning. I love being inspired by other quilters. I also love that I am not alone in my scrap addiction. It's still hard to toss out those itty bitty pieces but I don't see myself ever making another quilt with such tiny bits. I keep telling myself it's good to let go.


Melissa said...

LOL! I love the story :) That's awesome! I want to do a string quilt like that as well, and QAYG is a great way to do this. I have never done that before, I wonder if this would be a good time to learn and try it out?

Mary said...

Have fun with your "helper". I haven't tried to use my Go Cutter with my "helper" here. He's too busy watching Paw Patrol and eating popcorn. Grandma spoils him, huh? The strings are looking good!

Julie said...

Your strings are awesome! I could sew for a month and not use all my strings! I have a couple tubs! Do you have a favorite site that explains how to put them together? That was my issue, hooking the blocks together. I decided it was easier to sew blocks and quilt the top later.

Judy S. said...

What fun squares you're making!

The Joyful Quilter said...

65 blocks in 7 days?!?! Apparently, you are on a mission!!!