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Monday, August 24, 2015

Design Wall Monday

My design wall is the same as it was last Monday. Not one stitch was sewn into Tumalo Trails. Not one! Instead I got a bit side tracked and made myself a new bag. Alice is the newest free pattern from Swoon Patterns.

Saturday we were going to a picnic. I got up early because I had to take Alice along and she wasn't ready to go. The lining and outside were ready to sew together. When Ernie got up, I asked when he wanted to leave and he said whenever you want.  Silly man!  I told him I really wanted to take Alice along and only had 3 seams to sew. He understands that I might be a while. :)

When I was getting ready to sew the lining that needed a turning opening, I decided to go ahead and mark it so I wouldn't sew like I normally do and then have to rip.  I took the picture then proceeded to sew a couple more stitches......oh boy!!! I like to velcro my inside larger pockets closed. Just a tad of added security for me.

In the end, I love my bag, it is an easy sew, it is very roomy, my to go knitting bag fit inside along with all my other stuff and there is still room for more.

Will there be quilting in my week? Maybe, maybe not. Yesterday I cut out two more Swoon bags...Charlotte and Vivian. I can't wait to sew on these bags.!!!

There was a bit of hand stitching. I did all of these rosettes and one more set for rosette #2 of my Millefiore quilt. This is my 3rd rosette. I'm pretty excited to start sewing the hexies into the big rosette.

See what great things other quilters are working on at Patchwork Times.


Mary said...

The bags look FUN! I CAN'T start anything New this week - don't tempt me...
I like your Mileflore block too. Good for Ernie to learn patience. He's a Keeper.

Bonnie said...

Gift bag -- especially like your colors. I guess I'll go check out Swoon patterns. Although, honestly, do I need a new project... NO! You are a temptress!

Sharon said...

I'll have to find the pattern as I really like your bag.

Ramona said...

Great bag, Judy! The colors are so much fun. I have a couple of bags I'd like to make, too. Thanks for the inspiration.