Friday, March 27, 2015

On The Needles

You know that sometimes I need to work on something new feeling?
I had that this week.
I was clearing out some stuff and came across a bag that had the Dreambird shawl in it.
I knew I would never, ever finish it.
I just isn't me. 

So I pulled it out, or I tired to.
Not an easy unknit.

I decided to make myself a Lillian scarf.
Don't you love the colors of the verigated?
Grays to pinks to lavender. 

The pattern doesn't call for fingering yarn or size 5 needles.
I cast on double the amount of stitches.
Cross your fingers that it works out for me.

I've made Lillian before.
This one was gifted to daughter Dee last year.
She loves it.
Again, not the yarn or needle size called for in the pattern.
Will I ever make this according to the pattern?
I just might.

See what others have on their needles at Patchwork Times.
PS: the Blueberry Waffle socks from last week have been fixed
and more progress was made on toe up socks-I'm almost at the gusset.


Maggie said...

Oh that Lillian scarf is a beautiful pattern!

swooze said...

That is a pretty scarf. I have a Dee too but that us her nickname. Her given name is Darcy.

Ramona said...

The lighter yarn looks like rows of jewels in your scarf. It's going to be gorgeous.

Dar said...

Your yarn will look great in that scarf. On your blueberry socks, was there a free PPF file on Ravelry? I only saw here blog post one. The heel sounds interesting, would it be hard for a beginner?

straythreads said...

love the colors. Isn't that wonderful about yarn and knitting if you are not feeling the love for the project you can start over completly unlikae all those unfinished quilts. have a good weekend

Judy S. said...

Very pretty scarf! So what are you going to do with that pretty ex-Dreambird yarn?