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Friday, March 20, 2015

On The Needles

The real title of this post should be
Sock Week
(Notice that play on Shark Week???)

Saturday we went to a banquet.
The drive was almost an hour so I made some good progress on my Plain Janes.
It was pouring rain so I just put my head down and the needles were flying.

I finished my Blueberry Waffle Socks.

They are too small.
I swear I measured 7" before I started to decrease the for the toe.
I need to stop swearing!
I am going to take this out and make the foot longer.
I want to wear these without regret!
The lesson learned here is to not use a tape measure but
use the 7" knitting needle I keep in my knitting bag instead.
Then the numbers won't confuse me!!!

Remember these funky socks I started back in January?
I pulled them out and started over.
One day I'll make this pattern but I'll do a stockinette sole
and probably start from the top.
I wasn't happy with having the pattern on the sole.
Even though it probably wouldn't be a problem.
Or I was more worried about the gusset and heel turn.

I wanted to make toe up so I found Glacier Lake Toe Up Socks.
Simple pattern, good instructions. 
She has very good row by row instructions for the gusset and heel turn.
I'll use one of my good fitting socks to measure against 
for when to start the gusset.

See what others are working on this week at Patchwork Times.


Ramona said...

It is sock week for you! And what great socks you have to share! It must be the week to make socks too short and have to rip out and add length. Your toe up striped socks are my favorites.

straythreads said...

great socks and great yarns. You should try your toe up socks on as you go, when the top of the foot reaches the crease in your foot when your foot is flexed is when to start the gusset. Perfect fit every time

Sharon said...

Terrific socks!. I Love the blueberry waffle socks and have made a couple pair of them.

Maggie said...

Love all these stripey yarns!

Judy S. said...

That was some rain last Saturday, I agree! Love your newest socks, especially the color. What cast on and cast off do you use on toe-up socks?

Gari in AL said...

I like the look of your Glacier socks, I think they could just be my next pair. Thanks.

Suzanne said...

Super Sock Week! One day I will knit socks....one day!