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Friday, July 18, 2014

On The Needles (Hook)

Not a whole lot of hooking happened this week.  I spent a few days with grandkiddos while their parents went on a short vacation. I took my crochet bag planning to work on my Stitch-cation blocks during movie time. On the first day, I get my bag, take out my block and no hook!  Darn. Crystal is a crochet-er (I was going to say hooker but that just isn't right!!!) so I texted to find out where her hooks are. No hook the right size.  Oh well, I'll grab it when I come home to check on the animals.  Nope, promptly forgot.

No crochet happened for 3 days. I was unpacking some things out of my crochet bag and guess what I found???  Yip, that sneaky little hook. Right there in the bag, almost in plain sight!

Now I am concentrating on some solid blocks.  I am loving the shells + front and back posts blocks.  It's a fun block to make and I'll make another solid block with that design with a different color. Maybe red or lavender.....I'm not sure. Maybe I'll blindly reach in and pick a color. Using the same yarns as the In Love With Color Throw, these blocks are so different.  I'm hoping I like it as much as my throw but right now, I'm having some doubts. But I'll keep working on it.

See what everyone is working on at Patchwork Times.  I love Judy L's cardigan!!!


Dar said...

Darn, doesn't that just get you when you had something all along and only find it when you are home again!! That's happened to me only with my comb and brush. Had to do without at a retreat because of it! You can imagine what my hair looked like "combing" it with my fingers! lol

I think your Stitch-cation blocks look amazing. Great bright colors that I love.

Ramona said...

LOVE your blocks! What great colors. It is frustrating when things are lost in plain sight! :)