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Friday, July 11, 2014

On the Needles

I've been sneaking in as much hook time as I can.
This is where I am with the Stitch-cation Summer Challenge project.

It's really hard to work on the squares now.
These guys have figured out how to climb up into mom's chair.
I guess I shouldn't have bottle fed them there.
Every time I sit in my chair they come running and crying for food.
They are now 6 weeks old and eating on their own.
2 days without the bottle was pure torture for me. 
All the crying and begging, broke my heart.
I gave in once but that was all.
Some times I close the bathroom door while they are in there just to have some quiet time. LOL

I did knit this week!
We went for a drive Saturday and I worked on another dishcloth.
I finished Number 10 while at Wednesday stitching group and gave it to my friend without taking a picture.
Number 11 is started.
See awesome needle projects at Patchwork Times.


swooze said...

Curses! How did you manage to take a pic of my two faves?? I assume that is the medium gray one. So cute!

Mary said...

Crochet and Knitting going in the same project? Way to keep busy on your Road Trip. I like my Knitted Dishcloths. Gotta make some more!

Ramona said...

Your clothes are so cute... as are the kitties!

Judy S. said...

Don't know how you get anything done with those cute kitties around!

kathy b said...

Oh those kittens are adorable. I've fostered but never at the bottle stage. So nice of you

Dar said...

You have the most adorable kittens and it is a joy to know they have a loving home. How you got so much done with them around amazes me.