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Friday, May 16, 2014

Prepping Challenge-Day 4

After sending Ernie off to work with a lunch box full of fried egg sandwich, apple, zuke bread, and the other stuff I can't remember, I fixed myself a smoothie for breakfast and loaded up the car to head to retreat.

After a lunch of home made soup and sandwich, I came home to check my chickens and let the dogs run for a while.  Son in law Mike arrived with a bucket of bees that had swarmed from his hives. (That's not Mike or the swarm in the picture, that's Ernie with our bees from last year.) So we-mostly he-set up a new hive and got the bees in and was off again.  And so was I!  Back up to retreat-it's only 3 miles away-and sewing and laughing up a storm.  We are hoping to have a successful bee season so we can start stockpiling honey. Maybe one of these days we might have enough to sell or barter with if needed.

There was a little talk of food stockpiling for "just in case" and it was interesting to hear other people talk about it. No one talked about a zombie apocalypse but of power outages and storms and illnesses and the real "what ifs".

So I'm headed back up bright and early.  I know for this challenge that I don't have a problem with feeding my family with what I have on hand for the short term. I do need to stockpile more water and animal food. The little dog and the cat have a good amount but for the big dogs and the chickens, I need to be at least one shopping trip ahead of them.  I do have the space to store an extra bag or 2 away from critters. I just need to do it and stay ahead of them.

I'm adding this to the day 4 link list at Patchwork Times.

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