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Monday, May 12, 2014

Judy L's Prepping Challenge

(This is hamburger soup I canned a while back.)

Judy L is having a Prepping Challenge. You can read about it here.  This week's challenge is to eat all of our meals using what we have at home. This isn't hard for me at all.  I detest grocery shopping so when I go, I stock up. I usually only grocery shop once a month unless I stop to stock up on sale stuff. I have 2 freezers stocked, a pantry stocked with my canned goods and store bought goods.  We don't drink milk, have eggs from our hens.

We could eat from home for a long time without leaving the house for supplies.  In the past, I have challenged myself to make dinner all week only using meat that is in my kitchen freezer and veggies from the fridge. It really is kind of fun. Once in a while I have to get veggies from the pantry but most of the time, I can clean out my freezer and fridge with no problems. Of course I'm only feeding Ernie and myself.   But even if we have company for dinner, I'll be fine with what I have.

Today was a pretty easy day for me. I had leftover baked beans for breakfast--I know--and Ernie, not being a breakfast eater, usually will eat whatever looks good when he opens his lunch box. Today's lunch box had a turkey sandwich, an apple, cookies and venison jerky (I think, that was at 6am.)  I had some macaroni salad and an apple.  Dinner for me will be whatever leftovers look good when I open the fridge. Ernie had a dinner meeting that was already planned so I won't force him to eat at home and watch all the other guys eat. LOL

We are going to link up daily at Patchwork Times to learn and support each other. See how we all did here.


Granny said...

Baked beans for breakfast? If you can do that, you can do anything! :)

Julie said...

I have prepped for years living out in the boonies! We have even more in our pantry now so in case of a crisis we can feed our kids and their families and nieces and nephews! I can stuff, buy in bulk and rotate. I only go to the store once a week at most so it works out for me!

Nancy said...

Having lived on a farm with a 70 mile round trip to a grocery store, I learned to be prepared. Even today, my pantry is stocked (I live alone) and I could easily eat for over a month on my supplies. The top shelf of my bedroom closet is packed with toilet tissue, too.