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Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Goodwill Find

Today was grocery shopping day. On the way home, I was going to drop of box of stuff off at Goodwill only I forgot it at home. So I went inside just to look around-I always have a Goodwill list. I found nothing that needed to come home with me until the very last isle and there it was.

This fabulous old scrappy quilt. It's been well loved and it shows. To me that makes it more special. I'm always sad when I see handmade quilts at Goodwill. Please people, call me, I'll come and get them!

I took it off the hanger to search for the price tag.... $60! (Our Goodwill is quite high priced.)  BUT it had a red tag on it and red tags are half price today! Score for me.  I didn't even unfold it all the way until I got home and ready to take a picture.

I was so excited by this quilt that I didn't even look at the other 2 that were there. Maybe they came from the same person. Regret!

Just look at that scrappiness. 
It is completely hand sewn. 
Are these fabric flour sacks?
Or are they yardage scraps?

I love the scrappy border.
The binding is wrapped around from the back.
The purple and white fabric are patches.
It's quite fragile.

The back is very yellow.....is it from age or were the bags yellow?
They are inside out.
This says ECONOMY
Enlarge the photo and you can see the seaming and quilting.

Oh yeah, I also found a vintage sewing machine but 
didn't buy it because it didn't have a bobbin case. 
Still thinking about that too.

My cherry tree blooms aren't going to last much longer.
We have had some pounding rain the last couple days.
It sure is pretty.


Marie said...

you scored big!!! it's a gorgeous treasure.

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful find! I am so glad you rescued it as you will love and appreciate it :). Yay for you!

Unknown said...

Little sister, you are a deal magnet! Great find and on sale is awesome too!

Mary said...

Nice save, What will you do with it? just display it??? Never too many machines. If it is a RED Eye SINGER or a 301, go get it for me. LOL

Mary said...

What a beautiful old quilt!

Nancy said...

It's a beauty - enjoy!