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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Yarn Report

When Judy L posted about her Loopy Legend yarn at Loopy Ewe, I had to rush over and order my own skein. I'm glad I did as I just saw it is gone. How could you not order special yarn that was make to honor your friend??? Will they make more? I don't know.  My husband shakes his head at my reasoning...I don't understand why he does that.

 It came yesterday and I love, love, love it! The kiddos saw the drawing but I had to be selfish and keep it for myself. I'll pin it to my bulletin because it makes me happy. I thought I was going to make a pair of socks with this yarn but after seeing it, I'm not going to. I think I'll make a scarf instead so I can show it off more.  Now to find the perfect one skein pattern! Oh Ravelry............
Wingspan would work, or maybe Noro Bias Lace Scarf. I don't know, I need to look more.

Since this is the only yarn that has come in and I haven't finished anything in the last two weeks, I'm changing my yarn report. My numbers don't look very impressive at all! Maybe I need to knit more. 

  • Used this week--0 skein
  • Used since mid August--4.5 skein
  • Added this week--1 skein
  • Added since mid August--2 skein
  • Total Net since mid August--2.5 skein
I'm linking up to Patchwork Times and OMG, look at Judy L's gorgeous yarns.......I'm kind of jealous right now. 

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Nancy said...

Love the play of colors in the skein. It should be wonderful used in either project.