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Friday, October 25, 2013

On The Needles

I'm trying to finish up some of the projects I have sitting by my chair. Hitchhiker has been neglected long enough so I picked it up and knitted a few rows when I didn't want to concentrate on the Rivel Cardigan.

I wish I was a super fast knitter but I'm not. And it doesn't help when I'm in all out sewing mode. So a few rows here, a few rows there, maybe someday I'll get things finished.

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straythreads said...

it will get done one stitch at a time

Teresa in Music City said...

Great philosophy! At least it is getting a little love and not just sitting untouched in a box somewhere :*)

Nancy said...

Don't despair, Hitchhiker will soon be finished.

Anonymous said...

It will be done eventually. I just looked the other day at my Leftie that really needs to be finished and Dreambird -- need to get back to both of those soon!

Granny said...

Looking good. It's so nice to have a project you can pick up and put down without having to figure out where you left off.

I wish I could get back in a sewing mood but all I want to do is knit.

Judy S. said...

Love the color you chose for Hitchhiker! Looks like you're well on the way!