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Monday, October 07, 2013

Design Wall Monday

I made good progress on my Back To Square One Mystery this week. One morning I went into the sewing room to put a couple things away, sat down to sew a couple seams and all of the sudden the side borders for the August clue were all sewn together.  It's still early, might as well sew one on. After the second side was finished, I looked at the clock and it had been over an hour since I put those things away.  So I pin marked to have the other 2 borders ready for my next sewing time. 

Fast forward a couple days and the August clue is finished and the second part of the September clue is finished.  

I cut all the pieces for the September log cabin blocks and for the October star blocks. I planned to take them to retreat next week but instead I got busy.

I wonder if the October blocks will make it to retreat.  I'm thinking not. It's a good rainy day here and I did all my Monday stuff yesterday. I think today is a good day to take a container of soup out of the freezer for dinner and spend the day with my sewing machine.

See fabulous design walls at Patchwork Times. I'm going to sit right here with another cup of coffee and see what is happening around Blogland today.


Tosty's Quilting Tidbits said...

What retreat are you going to next week? I was wondering because I'll be at one also here in Wa.

Nancy said...

You made great progress!

Have you decided which projects to take to the retreat?

Kate said...

You chose beautiful colors for your Back to Square One quilt. Hope you are able to make great progress today.

Mary said...

I hope to see you at Retreat with your quilt. Looks good so far.

Annie said...

Oh the power the quilting project has over us! All we need do is sneak a peek of it and the next thing you know we're sitting at our machine happily stitching away, almost no matter the consequence! You go girl!