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Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Ultimate Scrap Quilt Like Julie's

I am so excited to have The Ultimate Scrap Quilt Like Julie's quilted and ready for binding.  SO VERY EXCITED!  In June of 2011,  I saw Julie's quilt here  and fell in love with it! In October 2011, I started my quilt. By the end of the year it was a quilt top.  Then it got put on top of Mt. ToBeQuilted to age.

Fast forward to Judy L's Getting It Done Challenge, this quilt has been on my list every month.  I am thrilled it will never be there again.

Taylor wants to quilt her own quilt so I thought this is a great place for her to practice. It's not a show quilt, it's for me and now I will remember her first attempts at the long arm.  It was with pure pleasure that I watched her and guided her.  I have a couple more super scrappy quilts that I'm going to let her practice on before she quilts her own top. This is the quilt that I finished for her because she objected quite loud when I said I hated some of them and was going to toss them. I told her I'd make the top but she had to quilt it. 

The back for the Ultimate Scrap Quilt Like Julie's is made up of those preprinted panels. My friend Harriet gave me a huge bag full of those, knowing I would use them for something.  It's actually quite comical to me.
(Those dark lines you see, those are just shadows from the top of the gazebo that we haven't put the cover on yet.) Several bobbins were emptied from previous quilting projects so this truly is the Ultimate Scrap Quilt.

Now I have 2 quilts ready for binding. I better get set up for that and Get It Done before the end of the month so I can cross those things off my list.


Mary said...

Proud of you for getting a grand-daughter to quilt. Looks great.

pcflamingo said...

Love, love, love the Ultimate Scrap Quilt and have it "saved" for my Bucket List! But the backing is too fantastic for words!! What a great idea to let your granddaughter practice quilting on it. Well done.

Quilter Kathy said...

So awesome! Love the backing idea!

Nancy said...

Using the vest fabric as backing is clever! I love it.