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Friday, July 12, 2013

On The Needles

The other day I was digging through my big knitting project bag that is full of smaller knitting project bags and decided to finish this scarf.  I really like the gradation of the black to white but this probably wasn't the best yarn for this scarf or I didn't start in a good place in the colors. It has a long repeat and the white section is right smack in the middle of the scarf. It reminds me of a skunk.  But it won't bother me, I'll wear it anyway.

I'm using this yarn which is nubby so it gives good texture. I will NEVER buy this size skein again!  It is wound so tight that when you pull from the center, you get the big gobs.  Since this is such a huge skein, there will be enough leftover to make the Lacy Zig-Zag Shawl.  I do have another huge skein in a different color way--black and purple--that I might use instead.  Either way, when the shawl is finished, the remaining yarn of both skeins will be headed to a new home.

I'll be happy to put this one on my Sticks 'n Strings 2013 Challenge finished list. This will be UFO #5-Finish #11.  It's looking good for me to complete 13 projects this year.  I sure hope I didn't just jinx myself.

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Judy S. said...

Good work! I sorted through my stuff yesterday and found a whole lot of bags of UFOs and need to follow your example!

Paula, the quilter said...

I'm one of those people who only knit one thing at a time, so I don't have any knitted UFOs. Strange, huh? I have had some 100gr skeins of sock yarn come from the center in big gobs too and the common theme on that yarn was that it was a bit 'sticky' and clung to itself.

Amy said...

Yay!!! Way to bring forward a UFO :) That yarn certainly looks soft and plush...yummy.

Amy said...

LOL. Nevermind about the question regarding the yarn from the finished scarf post. I recalled you posting progress, so I peeked. V'iola. You showed us the yarn :)