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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Picnic Day

Today was the annual hunting club picnic which is held in Larry (striped shirt) and Jean's (red vest) shop.  This is the most amazing shop I've ever been in! Door prizes and bucket raffle prizes are layed out to be admired and argued over. I'm sitting over to the side in charge of tickets and I look up to admire the quilt and jumping out at me is a great big mistake right up on the top row in the center....UGH!  Right then and there, I decided whoever won the quilt was going to have to give it to me so I could fix it and then give them their quilt.

The Pit Masters are checking out the grill.  They do a fabulous job cooking up the roasts.  Then they are all sliced up and devoured.  Elk, venison, moose and mountain goat and all the delicious pot luck dishes.  So much good food.

Grandson Elliot got a lesson on cleaning fish.  He was so engrossed and told me he knows how to clean a fish so when we go fishing, he will do it but I have to use the knife.  OK.

Then it was time to draw for prizes.  My family did very well.  Daughter DeeDee won the quilt and refused to give it up so I could fix it.  You should have heard her, she was thrilled.  Hubby won the chain saw, Daughter Crystal's family won 5 door prizes and Granddaughter Taylor won a door prize.   Me, I'm still pouting.......as are a whole bunch of other people!  Gift bags were given to each of the kiddos and they were thrilled. What a fun, fun day spent with family and friends.


Amy said...

Definitely sounds like a super fun day, despite not coming home with a 'prize.' LOL

Nancy said...

Venison is by far the best meat - I would have loved to enjoyed your feast.

What our eyes see as mistakes or errors in our quilting or knitting; others see as beauty.

Mary said...

How much did the Quilt bring in? Glad someone got it who was excited to get it! Keeping it in the family, lol. I have some Pineapple blocks to play with somewhere...