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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Color me happy!!!  Easy Street is now a quilt top.

My plans didn't go according to my plan but after dinner, Ernie had hunter's ed class and Bonnie is on QuiltCam.  It's so fun to sew with friends.  Even though they aren't in the same room, they kind of are.  It's really fun when she reads your comment and gives you encouragement. :0)

So Easy Street will now be folded up placed on Mt. ToBeQuilted.  The other day while at Goodwill, I found a 15 yard  chunk of lime green with purple plaid shirting for $20.  A pretty fabulous find that will be used for the back of this quilt.

It's been a pretty awesome day!


Teresa in Music City said...

Congratulations Judy!!! Easy Street is a big quilt and a big job - way to go on the finish! And what a great find to get the backing fabric like that at Goodwill! I don't usually find much fabric there, but I always look just in case :*)

Mary said...

No borders?? I got my center together tonight too. It's early Tomorrow really... I couldn't go to bed until it was done. Yours is much more random than mine. I need more practice on that. Nice find on the backing!

Quilter Kathy said...

Way to go! Congrats!

Cheryl in Friendsville said...

Congratulations on getting Easy Street made into a quilt top! I love your "Mt. ToBeQuilted" I have one, too! I'm hoping to use it to convince hubby that I "need" a long arm quilter.

Nancy said...

It sounds like you found the perfect backing fabric for this quilt, and at a bargain, too. High five all the way around!

Diane said...

yeah for your succuss--i love the colors in your easy street top. Nice 'score' for the backing too!