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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tiny Tuesday-Block 4

Today I celebrate Tiny Tuesday by making another block #4 of the Midget Blocks from Sentimental Stitches.  Last time I made this block, I trimmed everything to have a 4" block instead of 4 1/2" like it is supposed to be.  I'm sure glad it wasn't one of the more complicated ones.

I still have 2 kitted up ready to sew but I think I'll kit up a few more to have with me at retreat this weekend.  I spent the morning printing the remaining pages so now I feel like I have made a huge commitment to this quilt.


Nancy said...

This is a darling block. I like the fabrics that you selected - the complement each other well.

scraphappy said...

That is a big commitment! Did you see the new blocks that are posted? I might try to cross the new ones off as they come out. So many blocks!

Amy said...

OH Yay!!!
And thanks for the reminder! OMGoodness; it's Tuesday!

Annie said...

Oh, I just hate when that wrong trimming thing happens! Those fabrics are going to make up into a gorgeous quilt.