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Friday, October 12, 2012

On The Needles

I am still knitting along on my first pair of Circle Socks. These are for the Opal Sock Challenge for Soctoberfest.  I'm not a speedy knitter and if I want to make 2 pair of socks this month, I need to pick up the pace or in my case, pick up the needles.

Today it is supposed to start raining and raining hard.  I can't believe I'm saying this but after 3 months, I'm excited for the rain.  Of course I will become sick and tired of it before too long.  I think this weekend will be a perfect time to stay home and do what I love to do......quilt and knit.

Visit Patchwork Times and see what others have on their needles.


Nancy said...

The chance for rain is high here this weekend, too. I would welcome some moisture.

Your socks look great.

Sue H said...

I have that circle pattern, and I think I need to try it. Good-looking socks!

Mary said...

Looks like the same Yarn Judy L has on her posting. Autumn colors. Sorry about the rain, that means we'll have it later this week-end. Is everyone making Socks right now? I'll have to find a good -EASY pattern. Thanks for stopping by my post.

Diane Wagner said...

Judy, your socks look great! Setting a time deadline is good, but don't let it spoil the fun of creating something beautiful and learning new techniques. You'll get that second pair done in due time.