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Friday, October 26, 2012

On (and Off) The Needles

On the needles are my Sutton Spirit Socks.
This is pair number 2 for the Socktoberfest 2012 Opal Challenge.
I'll start the heel flap today.

These are the Circle Socks.
Pair number 1 for the Opal Challenge 
and #8 for the 12 in 2012 Challenge.
I think I will wear them today.

These are the socks that have traveled with me since May.
Completed pair #7.
Now I need to cast on a new travel pair.

I have now completed 8 pair for the 12 in 2012 Sock Challenge.
Pair #9 are the Jeck socks that are almost finished.
Pair #10 are the Sutton Spirit socks above.
How great would it be if I finish both of these and 
cast on pair #11 before November gets here.
I don't see that happening.  
I'm a realist. 
I haven't chosen a pattern or yarn for pair #11.

Visit Patchwork Times and
check out other great On The Needle projects. 


Mary said...

WOW, awesome socks - love them all.

sklinn62 said...

They are all beautiful. I need to see how to knit two socks on one set of needles at the same time. Do you have two separate balls of yarn?

Maggie said...

Great job! Wow, so many socks in 2012 already.

Anonymous said...

Your Sutton Spririt's are looking good. I just finished my pair last night but have to take a pic yet. Love the circle socks. I'm work on Zigzag socks right now.

Nancy said...

Excellent socks!

Annie said...

They look nice and warmy! My feet are cold this morning. When you wear these socks, do they feel just like store bought socks? What do I mean by that?...my granny used to knit us slipper/booty socks. When we walked the knitting hurt the bottoms of our feet. Very uncomfortable. Maybe she used cheep yarn? She caused me to automatically feel sore feet bottoms whenever I see home-knitted socks. Store bought socks don't hurt the bottoms of my feet. This inquiring mind wants to know.

straythreads said...

WOW you always fins such pretty yarn

Mary said...

I've never made one total pair of Socks. I started some once, don't know where they are now. Aren't they bulky?

Diane Wagner said...

Your circle socks came out great! The striping matched quite well. Good job. Keep on clicking (those needles).

Judy S. said...

Wow, you've been busy! Thanks for the Sutton link!