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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Retreat Prep

Tomorrow is day 1 of our spring retreat.  I'm a bit anxious for it to get here.  We are doing another 2 1/2" strip swap.  I love strip swaps!  This time it's batiks and fall flannels.  I'll come home with 56 of each!  Doesn't take much to get me smiling!!!

With the project kits I have put together, it will be like having 2 of my favorite quilters--Judy Laquidara and Bonnie Hunter--there with me.

These are the first projects I plan to work on.  Both are Judy L projects.  On the left is my version of her Sweet Treats and on the right is the Carpenter's Star for the feather lessons. 

Next I'll work on Bonnie's Boxy Stars for an American Hero Quilt and then I'll get busy on my Pineapple Blossom.  Or that's my plan.  See that orange in the Boxy Star kit?  (Sorry, didn't realize it was so blurry until I posted, but you'll get the idea.)   That's one of Ernie's hunter's ed business cards.  After reading Bonnie's tip for accurate bonus triangles (read it here), I knew these orange cards would work perfect and be easy to find.  I'm even bringing extra cards to share my friends--and I'll promote hunter's ed classes.  Pretty clever, huh?  And that piece of masking tape that's on it, that's my pick it up easy tab.

Now that I've written most of this post, I realized I haven't cut my bingo squares and I don't have a leader/ender project.  I better go do that right now--because I know me, I'll forget!.


Diane said...

oh a quilt retreat sounds like heaven-I'm quite jealous :)
Good to take so many projects-I never know what I'll want to work on, the best laid plans and all. You'll get a lot done, I'm sure.
have fun!

Quilter Kathy said...

Very ambitious 'to-sew' list. Sure wish I could hide in your suitcase and come along...sounds like a fun time! Enjoy!