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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Date Night

Saturday night was date night.  We don't often go out on weekends but this date was special.  A while back, Ernie joined Safari Club International and the local chapter was having their banquet and fundraiser and did I want to go, there was going to be a guest speaker.  Who is it?  Lt/Colonel Oliver North USMC (Ret).

Duh!  Yes!  Sign me up!  Then I found out that Lars Larson was going to be the Emcee.  He is somewhat of a local celebrity to me.  I remember when he was my favorite local TV newscaster.   I was looking forward to this date night.  

There were 5 of us in our group and that meant a lot of pre-dinner talking, looking at auction items, buying raffle tickets, deciding where to place our raffle tickets to give everyone else a better chance at winning the prizes we wanted....can you tell we won nothing!  But our 3 friends left with great prizes!  Lucky them.  Wah, wah us.  

After dinner, the auction started with Lars Larson as the emcee.  I felt a bond with him as he reached for his reading glasses he kept close by on top of his head.  That's where I keep mine too.  He was pretty funny.  

Then Oliver North talked.  He was very interesting as he told stories of the brave men and women fighting for our country.  Some were funny, some made me cry.

After all the festivities were over, he autographed books and a bear.  He was quite comfortable talking to all of the people.  Here is Ernie comparing the number of grandchildren.  It was funny to listen to.  The guy in line in front of us had a huge brown bear used in a taxidermy display that he had him sign.  That was a great conversation! 

You know I can't just sit, so I took my to go sock project and worked on that while sitting and talking and during the auction.  I got a good 5" knitted while just sitting there.  See that paper with the yellow under my bag, I doodled the wall paper design that I thought would make a great quilting design.........

It was a pretty fun evening.


scraphappy said...

What a fun night out. Sounds like quite an evening! How funny it would have been to see that huge brown bear.

LuAnn said...

Lucky you getting to hear Col. North in person. I love catching him on TV and could listen to him for hours.

Annie said...

You gotta be the best multi-tasker I've come across lately! You packed it all into what sounds like a fun nite out! Well done Judy!