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Friday, August 19, 2011

Tuesday Knitting Report on Friday

This post should really be called Pick A Project, Any Project.

I haven't done a Tuesday Knitting Report all month. The last one, here, shows me working on 2 pair of socks. I had been pretty lax about my reports even before that. I'm trying to do better.

Anyhooo....I have decided I have too many irons in the fire and it's time to get some of them out of the fire and cooled off. I'm trying, really I am, to get some things finished so I can start more things without the guilt. So the photos shows 3 of my in progress projects. Front left is the shawl from the sweater gone wrong yarn. Behind that is the striped afghan using yarn left over from the Pokey Dot Throw I finished last November but didn't blog about-I wonder why I didn't. And then the cute little red, white and black bag (from The Quilting Gallery exchange) that came from Dawn in England, holding my sock project.

So...I finished up my Abracadabra socks. I love them and can't wait until I get to wear them. Sometimes I just smooch them because they are so soft.

I am almost finished with one of the Paraphernalia socks. The cables are kind of hard to see but believe me they are there!! And the second sock will be cast on as soon as this one is finished. I did tear out back to the ribbing and started over on the cables. I have learned the proper way to read a chart and it has made cables so much easier and fun. I'm excited to start on sock 2. I try to work on one of my projects each night while sitting in front of the TV. Or when I just crash in the chair during the day!!

I promise to check in on Tuesday and if everything goes my way, I'll have one of these three things finished!


Nancy said...

The only problems with having a lot of knitting projects in various stages of construction are (a) remembering the row you just finished and (b) finding the pattern. Don't ask me how I know this. ;oD

Cathy said...

I love seeing your knitting projects, and it is great seeing you use the wool from the sweater that didn't work in something else. I've been reading your knitting posts for a while, and resisting the impulse to start knitting again. Well, I gave in last week and started knitting on a baby sweater. Not for anyone in particular, but for just in case. Just what I need, more projects.......... LOL!

LuAnn said...

Oh Judy you have some great projects there. I would really love to see your Pokey Dot Throw!!!!! I just clicked your link and printed out a copy of the pattern. I've been crocheting on the Giant Granny CAL and will have yarn left so that might be a good "next project". It is really hard to get our irons out of the fire when there are so many great ideas out there. Your socks look so comfy.