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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Today's Project

My dear friend Marian gave me a paper bag full of scraps from her Mother. The bag was packed with old fabric. Not knowing what was what and what might fade, I threw it all in the washer with a couple Color Catchers. (When looking for the link, I liked them on Facebook and got a free sample. :} ) So the big laundry basket is full of all kinds of fabrics.

My challenge today is to empty the basket. The mesh bag in the chair is a bunch of pre-cut squares that will go into the bin of others the same size. The plastic bag behind that is for strings, the plastic bin is for chucks that will be cut into tumblers. There is also a pile of big pieces that will be used for other things. In the basket is the garbage bag. I don't think there will be much garbage though.

Wish me luck......I'll let you know later how it worked out.


Diane said...

sounds like a fun organizing project!

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

I just got a big box last week from a co workers of misc scraps. It belonged to her ex father in law who recently passed away. There are silks in there, silky fabrics, satiny types, some cottons, a black velvet little jacket with a zipper on it that is at least 12 inches too long, burlap. Haven't decided what I am going to do with it. I am thinking it might not be a good idea to wash the silks, and maybe some of the satiny ones, probably not the velvet either.......maybe I will put them in pillow cases, wash it on the delicate cycle, and hope for the best???? color catches, yeppers!

scraphappy said...

How fun! Fresh fabric is always full of so much inspiration, looks like you've got a fun day of sorting ahead. Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

I like your work, they are beautiful
congratulate them
good bye