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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Small Appliance Love

I know it's crazy but I love my FoodSaver! If I had to choose only one small appliance to own, it would be this one. I'm spoiled and I like all my kitchen toys/tools. I'm glad I don't have to choose.

Sunday I smoked 4 chickens for daughter Crystal while working on The Pantry Project. They were deboned and but in the fridge to rest while we celebrated yesterday. First thing this morning, I packed them up into 7 packages for her freezer. Maybe I could have gotten another package but while deboning, I ate a lot of chicken and Ernie got a super sandwich today for his lunch. I work pretty cheap, don't I.

Today I get to do pretty much whatever I want to. Yes, I do that most days but today seems to be more special to me. I have the washer going and a load ready to hang outside. The water is on for the garden and the timer is set so I don't forget to turn it off. I am going to finish up a couple more things and spend lots of time in the sewing room today.

I hope you get to do whatever you want to do today.


scraphappy said...

Looks yummy, glad you were able to eat some along the way, I guess that is why cooking is such a popular hobby -- you never go hungry.

Diane said...

I have one of those foodsavers, but I only used it to send care packages to Paul-m when he was in Iraq--cookies mainly! I should get it out again! Glad you had a day for you!