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Sunday, July 24, 2011

All Is Calm

That's life on the farm today.......it's calm. No place to go, not much to do. I quickly got the laundry washed and hung out. Unlike most of the country, good ole Southwest Washington has not had much heat. We have had cooler and wetter than normal days for a while now. I am ready for some summertime. My garden is craving sunshine.

As I was hanging out the clothes, the dark clouds blocked the sun and I got a bit nervous, but I'm going to believe the weather guy today-for a change. The laundry is all hung out now. Mark that one off the list.

My friend Sharlene picked up a project from quilt guild the other day. It was 12 of these muslin preprinted quilt squares. I think she said 2 were finished, 1 was started. I volunteered to do one and now it is ready to return to her. She has all the others done. Now someone will sew them together and hand quilt it for a donation. I was going to press the block but decided not to, I can't remember if Sharlene pressed hers or not. If so, I'll do it when we meet on Wednesday.

I had a couple preprinted candlewick pillow tops but I cut them up to use as the backing for a quilted bag I made. Now I'm wishing I would have make the pillows. Oh well, I have enough other things to work on. Like 2 pair of socks, a pair of felted slippers and a shawl, all in progress and 2 more embroidery projects in the works. I think I will gather them all and put them by my chair. Maybe that will encourage me to finish something. Oh and there are the mittens I want to make.......sigh! I did find this post--the only time I labeled this redwork project. Yes, it's over a year old..........but the last block is almost done and I have all the other fabrics together in the box to finish it. Cross my fingers, I may have a finish this week!

Now I must make potato salad and get the steak marinating. Then it's off to my quilting room for therapy. Hope your day is calm.

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Diane said...

sounds like a great day. Calm is wonderful! Mine was pretty good too come to think of it, no sewing tho' just keeping the dogs separated and an eye on them meant alot of sitting in the yard (in the shade-since its ridiculously hot & humid here)and throwing a tennis ball from a chair; we're being spoiled by our guest dog, who fetches and returns right to your feet! :)
Here's hoping you get a little heat and we get a little, or perhaps more than a little relief!