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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday Knitting Report

I've spent lots of time in front of the TV watching the sadness in Japan. I've spent lots of time knitting.

Sock #1 is finished and #2 was cast on last night. I had to hurry and get it started to see if it would pool the same as sock #1. For some reason I carefully marked matching color areas. I had no clue how this yarn would knit up because it's the first time I have used it.

I was surprised that there weren't stripes but instead large pools of color. I almost took sock #1 out and started over but I couldn't make myself do it. Now I am crossing my fingers that sock #2 will be fairly close in color sections. When it came time to make the heel flap, I kind of agonized over how to lay out the colors, I'm glad I did it like this.

This is a fun pair to work on. The color is very intense and the yarn is so soft. I love Knit Picks Stroll Multi Sock Yarn, color is Sorbet Multi.

You should order a couple balls and give it a try. :0)


Nancy said...

I am often disappointed in the way some yarns pool, but not a lot can be done about it. Some knitters suggest using a smaller needle size, and it does seem to help.

I've been watching the news a lot, too. Since I lived north and west of the earthquake zone, I am especially saddened to see the destruction.

ritad said...

Oh, if I could only use 4 needles! I'm all thumbs or maybe I don't have enough thumbs :)..either way I haven't mastered it yet, but I keep trying.

Paula, the quilter said...

I was going to suggest a smaller needle or make the socks for a person with smaller feet. Sometimes it is the number of stitches too.

fancystitching said...

WOW! You are fast on the socks! I have that same yarn. (And 4 more of this same type.) I am often disappointed in the pooling. I think after this is all used I will purchase the self-striping yarn or the hand-dyed yarns. I seem to like the color flow better on those. I also like the "tonal" yarns.

I tried the smaller needles, but that means I have to increase the number of stitches, so I end up back in the same boat.

HEY! They keep my feet warm no matter HOW the colors pool, and most folks will never see what is on my foot unless I take off my shoes and hike up my jeans... so it really doesn't matter... but yet I stress over it, just like you. That could also be why I don't do patterns (yet). I want a stash of about 20 pairs of socks and THEN I will slow down and spend time on patterned socks.


Quiltingranny said...

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Linda said...

I do like your socks. I've never heard of the term "pooling" but that's exactly what it did.

I buy the self striping and to tell you the truth, I thought most yarn automatically did that for socks. I have only made about three pair of socks so I'm new to them so I'll watch out for this.

LuAnn said...

I love your socks; I see what you mean by the yarn colors pooling. But, they look like they would be comfy. Love the colors!

suzan almond said...

I really like that your socks have different patterns from the yarn !