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Friday, March 25, 2011

A Little Walk Around The Farm

A couple days ago I grabbed my camera on my way out the door to do my morning chores.

First stop was to give the new baby chicks fresh water and food. They are growing so fast. One of these days they will have to be put in their outside pen but it's still too cold.

Next stop was to dump the compost bucket and I looked up and saw the sun shining through the tree and had to see how a photo would turn out. It's now the background on my computer.

My camellia is full of buds. I hope the rain doesn't beat them all off before they bloom out.

Last stop was to open the door for the big girls. This hen is so dependable. An egg almost every day from her. But the rest of them, not so much. I told them today, produce or else. Think they are worried?


Diane said...

love your pictures--can't believe how fast the baby chicks are growing!

Barbara said...

Lovely spring shots full of hope and life on this colder day. Thanks!

The Sewing and Knitting Loft said...

I enjoyed your pictures. Thanks for sharing!


Nancy said...

What fun to go with you on your chore rounds. Thanks.

I remember going to the post office to pick up the chicks in their cardboard crates. Those little balls of fluff were sure noisy. I am sure the postal worker was glad to be rid of them. Thanks for the reviving the memory.

Linda said...

Whoa, those chicks have really grown! They don't stay babies forever, do they? I love the sunshine picture and your Camelia Bush is wonderful. I'm wondering if they'll grow here in Texas. Yeah, your chickens look really scared! Thanks for showing us your pics, I'm still smiling!