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Saturday, October 02, 2010

My Sad, Sad Tomato Harvest

Here in mighty Western Washington State we've had the worst garden season I can ever remember. The garden weather just didn't want to be here. Heck, I couldn't even grow zucchini! I got 3 itty bitties and that was all.

Yesterday I decided to be done with the garden. I started picking the tomatoes. I picked them all, pulled off the cages and uprooted the plants. The cherry tomatoes are all going on the dehydrator. Most will become tomato powder, a few will go into bread or whatever. I planted several Roma plants, thinking I'd have a huge crop for sauce......not happening. I'm hoping some of them will ripen after picked but if not, we'll have green tomato sauce or something.

Today the dehydrator will be full of tomatoes, peppers and some carrots. At least the carrot crop is good, the darn slugs didn't get them all. I can't wait to leave the gate open so the chickens can go in and have a party.

**In the top picture the bowl is full of water. The second picture looks rather Christmasie doesn't it......oh, I am not ready to even think that way!!


fancystitching said...

I understand... this was not the best garden season for us, either. The drought really has taken its toll on everything.

Green tomato sauce... I'm just trying to picture this. LOL!


Judy S. said...

You're right, it was a really weird summer, and I hear winter's not going to be real terrific either. Oh well, more time to sew and knit, right?

scraphappy said...

My mom and sister both had problems with tomatoes this year. Seemed like more rotted on the vine than came to harvest.

Quiltingranny said...

Now the sun has been out for about a week Judy...we live in Aberdeen, all rain all summer!

Anonymous said...

Our garden was a total wipe this year too Judy, all we got was a small amount of garlic and potates.

Ginny said...

Boy do I understand! Our Eastern Washington gardens have not fared any better, my carrots are still tiney and I don't think they will be worth harvesting before we freeze. My tomatoes (like yours the ones that actually ripened) either had black spot or were so thick skinned it was like eating an apple! Now for the zucchini problem... if you had blossom end rot (were it dies from the tip back) that is a easy fix next year. Add about a cup of bone meal to the soil when you plant, right in the hole.. trust me you will have so many zucchini your friends and neighbors will run when they see you!