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Monday, October 25, 2010

Hand Knit Socks Rock

WaaHoo, my socks are done! Isn't it funny how the stripes don't line up! And I love how the right sock has just the seam stitches in white.......I don't care, it's not like I'm going to wear my socks with sandals.

Judy L is hosting a Sock Knit Along starting November 1st. I plan to use this wool to make Ernie a pair of socks. I have never made him a pair so I need to earn some good wife points. I'm thinking I hope he likes them but then again if he does, he'll want more.....such a dilemma I am creating for myself.

But first I need to finish these so I can use these circular needles. These are for me. I'm thinking I need to find a new pair of shoes to wear them with.


fancystitching said...

LOVE those socks! I so admire your flexibility... the Type A in me always MAKES SURE that I start in the same place on both socks so the stripes/colors exactly match. Now I ask, "What difference does it make? Who is really going to see them when they barely peek out between the bottom of my jeans and the top of my shoes?" But I still have to do it.

You're going to have to really get crackin' on those socks to have your needles free and clear by Nov. 1! Happy knitting!


Sue H said...

Great socks! I'm working on a pair that doesn't seem to repeat, so they will be "odd" socks too. I wear them with Birkenstocks and who cares? Not me!!! I figure it shows originality. Or is it mental instability?