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Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Bags Are Packed!

After my whining and sniveling on Tuesday, I'm all better now. I'm packed and almost ready to go. The taco soup is in the crockpot--my contribution for potluck dinner tonight. My bags are packed, my bed is made~~I come home to sleep. Royal Ridges is only a few miles from my bed and I'm a whimp!

I want to be super productive at this retreat so I am going with a plan......scary! So I'll write it here and check back in with how I did. With uninterrupted time to sew and talk and eat and be with great friends, I think I can do it all. Really, I think I can.

1~The Hanky Panky in the back...those blocks were put together at this very same retreat 2 years ago and I did nothing with them. Yesterday I laid them all out on the bed, pinned them in rows and found border fabric to go with it.

2~ The right/front package contains a quilt top that was finished in May 2010. I layed out 10 1/2" blocks to make a backing, they are all pinned in rows and ready to sew together.

3~My friend Sharlene and I bought a kit for a Christmas wallhanging last year and we are going to tag team and make ours this weekend.

4~Laying by project 2 is my fabric kit for this year's BOM Quilt-Addicts blocks. I haven't made my blocks yet so that will be caught up!

5~Back/right project bag is full of flannel blocks for the Split Decision Flannel Quilt top that I cut last month from by bin overflowing with flannel.

6~And the Happy Hour book/kit that I bought several years ago and now it's time to make the quilt. Pat from Bell Creek Quilts posted her top for Design Wall Monday and it reminded me I had this kit~Thanks Pat!

So there it is~!~The Plan! Let's see how I do! Oh I put my knitting in case I had time to work on my socks. Hahahahaha


Nancy said...

You are going to have a great time. I think you will put a dent in a lot of your projects.

Thanks for the link for the soup recipe. It sounds tempting.

fancystitching said...

Glad you are feeling better! Nothing like the hope of a quilt retreat to make us get back in gear.

I LOVE your plan... very industrious, but if you are like me, you work best under pressure. Set your goals high, and you get more done... I always carry a lot more than actually gets done, but I certainly don't won't to run out of things to do. HAHA! That has NEVER happened.

Have fun! Wish I was there!

scraphappy said...

I hope you have a great time. It looks like you are all prepared to get a lot of work done. I hope you can get through half of what you have planned out.

Michelle said...

I am green! I so wanted to do the retreat at CCQ this year but this is also my anniversary weekend (21yrs). The hubby is more important. I can't wait to hear about all your fun!!!