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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Outside Fun

Quite often Crystal and the kiddos come out on Sunday for some play time.
Today was a good day for outside fun.
First we need to empty the water out of the wagon so we can fill it with rocks.
Then we have to dump the rocks out of the wagon so we can pick them up again. Look Maemae, this is mud. Mud is fun.

Big Momma decided Maemae isn't so bad so she can now pet her. Especially if Maemae gives her some cracked corn. Look at those holes the chickens dug! I didn't know they did that.

Gramma finished my new hat today. I like it a lot. She should make one for my each of my brothers. But I will have to model them! Because I am the hat model. I love hats!!

Thank you to Andrea at String in Motion for this free Hurricane Hat pattern.


Diane said...

the hat model just gets cuter and cuter. But where is the snow in these pictures....I have some extra if the kids would like some!

Nancy said...

Wow, green grass and mud? I foresee warmer days ahead.

Love the purple hat.

julia said...

Oh so much fun with the grands. They are adorable. That hat is great!!!

Judy S. said...

Very cute hat; I might have to make that one for Sophia! I liked your socks too; you did a great match job INMO.