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Saturday, June 13, 2009

We Have A Winner!

Through a very scientific method-numbers written on paper, put in a bowl, then mixed up-we drew a winner for the fabulous prize I offered while begging for help with the UFO on What's On My Design Wall Monday post. Several people posted VERY good ideas and now I have a plan and have actually worked on my plan. Yeah. Thank you all for your ideas and inspiration.

Congratulations to Julie from Through the Barn Door. I "met" Julie while blog hopping and visit her blog often. On Monday I will be mailing Julie her prize package and will show it off to you after she receives it. I don't want to spoil her surprise. ;-)

How much do you love my photo today?? Miss Clella loves shoes. She isn't fussy about who's shoes she wears. Her boots go lovely with Elliot's crocs. If she could figure out a way to wear all the shoes she has collected, she would be even happier.

There is a new infomercial on tv for some fabulous garden groom thingiemabob and from what these happy people are telling me, I gotta have this thing! I must go now and turn off the tv before I.....

......punching the tv sounds so violent!!!

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