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Friday, April 03, 2009

Day Trip With My Boys

Meet DJ and Tony.

We very seldom take a day trip. When Hubby asked me last night if I wanted to take the dogs to the beach, I assumed it would be for the weekend. So I am getting all my stuff ready and ask him how long we would be gone. He asks "What do you mean?" I say "How many nights, 1, 2, 3, 6?" He says "Just for the day. I have things to do over the weekend!" "Cool" I say, "Let's hit it then!"

I packed up a bag with a bit of dog food, bottle of dog water and a dish, a couple of towels and a spill kit--Tony is only 5 months old. ;-)

Our first stop was the wildlife refuge to let the boys out for a potty break. This is Tony's first big road trip so we didn't want to push it. This is about an hour from our house. As we were leaving, I asked Hubby to stop so I could get a picture. He did and DJ spotted the geese. The dog woofs from his toes and I thought the geese would fly away but they didn't.

Then we drove towards the beach and took a side road where Hubby did a road building job. He knew the dogs could run around and not get into trouble. Tony didn't potty while on the leash so we were getting concerned. After potty break and running around, we continued on. Next stop was lunch. Hubby has some stinky clam chowder and then some fish and chips, I had a shrimp panni. Yummm..........Then we gave the dogs our leftovers and a big drink of water.

Lunch was very expensive! And all I could think of was how much fabric I could have bought with that money!!! Shame on me, it was a date and I should have kept that thought buried but that's how my mind works now.

In Washington State, you can drive on the beach so we headed down to find a nice spot to park where no other people were around. We put the leash on Tony and DJ stayed close. After a bit, we let Tony go. Oh my gosh, you should have seen him run and play. We laughed so hard. I was very concerned about him running off but he stayed right by us. We got back into the Super Bronco and headed for home. We had to make a potty stop for me and they slept most of the way home.

It was an awesome day and now that my boys are all napping. I am going to sew!


Ronda and Steve said...

FUN! Gorgeous beach .. gorgeous dogs .. what a great outing!

Brenda said...

That sounds like a great day!!!! I would love to hang out at the beach with my dogs - I miss the water.... And I love that you didn't report any accidents, so your puppy must be catching on to how this living with people works!! ;-)
And it's funny how your priority's change when it comes to hobbies isn't it!! lol!! Luch or fabric... hmmmmm, how to choose??? lol! Have a great weekend!!