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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Funny Bone Kind Of Day

I absolutely love it when I have a day where little things tickle my funny bone. Today has been one of those days.

First thing this morning, I look in the mirror and some funny looking ole hag is staring at me. Her hair is wild and full of gray and she has more than one chin. I could have been scared to death if she wasn't laughing at me.

I had to go to town and I followed a car with the license plate of 859 WIP. Well my mind says if I have that many but I'm certainly not gonna advertise it on my car!!! For you non quilters, whoever you may be, WIP means work in progress. I thought about that all morning and it too made me laugh.

Then I am waiting at a crosswalk for a lady to hurry across. She's all bundled up in a long winter coat with the hood pulled tight around her pudgy face. As I'm watching her waddle, I notice she is wearing a long denim skirt with sweat pants under it. I also see she has on socks in her thin little slippers. I don't know why that stuck me as funny but it did and I smiled and waved to her when she crossed in front of my car.

Every store I was in today was full of happy children--it was still early in the day and not quite naptime. Clerks were happy and so were customers. Then I went to the Dollar Store.

I kind of lost it when the teenager behind me thought he needed to be as close as he could get to me while waiting in line. When I asked (ok, I told him!) to back up away from me a bit, he had to get nasty. Silly guy, my feet hurt and I still have to get groceries and YOU want to get nasty with me! You are an idiot! Do not argue with a woman with tired feet that is still facing the grocery store! After a minute, he backed up out of my space and I kind of chuckled. I also felt like maybe he was gonna stick his hand into my bag and borrow my wallet. That would have not been funny!

How do you like my abandoned church picture? It's on the road where you turn right (Jen) to go to the Kah Nee Tah resort. It really is a cool looking building and it's too bad its in the state that it is. I think it would make an awesome quilt shop somewhere other that where it is.

Gotta go, got things to do and Oprah's almost on. :-)
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JENNY @ jennybandco.blogspot.com said...

yes-- that's where I turned left and about ended up back in WA--- those wild horses distracted me! Love that pic! xoxo jb