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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Sewing Report - Part 2

Sewing continues as the big days is approaching at a faster pace than ever before.

These towels were made for Doug's girlfriend Lacey. She's kind of the outdoorsy type and she loved them. Now I want to get some more towels and make some for myself.
I made 2 of these teepees for the grand dogs. One for Dee's house and this one for Jenny's house. I was so shocked when the dogs went right inside. Now I have to make one more cuz there is another grand dog at another house that needs one.
These are some of the gift bags I made. I am not a good gift wrapper and have decided to make bags instead. I think I came home with half of them. The little girls wanted to keep theirs.

This is the best Christmas present we received this year. Little Miss Clella is 12 days old today and is growing so fast. We went in today to put some Gramma smoochies on her. I tried to give her more but Poppy was being a baby hog.
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