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Monday, May 21, 2007

Happy To Be Home

I had a blast at the retreat. What a great weekend. It sure felt good to sleep in my own bed. I had to come home ( a 3 mile trip!) a couple times to take care of Uggie and get some stuff for people that forgot or wanted what I had. Other than that, I got to sew. And eat! Lordy, the eats at the retreats! They are the best.

Thank you to all my quilting friends for giving me a fabulous surprise birthday party! All I wanted to do was work on my projects for my birthday present. I didn't know people were sneaking goodies into a surprise gift bag. (That's what makes it a surpise, Goofy!) I can't thank you all enough. Even singing Ole Gray Mare made me smile. (Remember Sister SuSue??? Riding bikes in the woods, singing at the top of our lungs!)

This picture is of our Bingo cards. We sewed together a 25 patch and the winner, Marian, sewed all 25 of them into a charity quilt. She is going to add some borders to make it big enough. I had planned on finishing it for the charity of her choice but she said she would do it. Thanks Marian, I have a new project list a mile long!!! She also won a fabulous wheeled caddy that I really wanted but didn't win. Good thing I gave up Bingo along time ago. Better to spend that money on quilting goodies.

Like the book I had to order last night and the sharpener thingy that I had to have. All because of Jane! I guess I have enough quilty "stuff" because those 2 things were the only things I had to have and ordered as soon as I got home.

Talk about inspiring. Show and Tell makes a person drool! I didn't ask the ladies if I could post their faces or their projects so I will keep those photo to myself. But let me tell you! Fabulous stuff.

Thanks for the great weekend, friends. Can't wait until the next one!
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Sue said...

I do remember, sweet thing! Those were the days, huh! Sometimes I wish so hard that I could go back, and other times I think... what the hell for! LOL

Yup, yup, yup! Happy birthday to you!!

Love you,
Sister SuSue