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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Back to Normal? at Home

It's all quiet on the home front now. Friday evening we took Crystal and Elliot to the airport for their new Arizona adventure. Our house is a bit lonely now. Sure didn't take long to get used to having other people here. Even DJ, the dog, is lonely. He's so funny sniffing around Elliot's stuff that is still here.

I was lucky enough to get to work on Saturday! I forgot to take my sewing box with me! Darn and double darn. I have been working on my applique blocks--Thursday I finished 2 and Friday, 1 complete and 1 more started. It's fun to put the completed ones on the design wall and watch the quilt grow. I wonder if I watered it if it would grow faster!!

It was 5 hours of sheer boredom. I sketched some clothes that I want to make. I've been planning to make a wardrobe and now with a trip in a few weeks, it's time to get crackalackin'. I love reading the Sewing Fanatic's Diary. She gets more done that I can even think about and is such an inspiration. So instead of working on a quilt for an hour a day as in Judy of Sunshine Quilts is doing, I'm going to work on my wardobe.

Last night I took one pair of my pants apart. I guess I am so used to wearing jeans that slacks feel too baggy. These slacks are too baggy from the thighs down to almost the hem.

Today's plan is to clean the sewing room, rearrange my sewing table and then work on those pants. I've been thinking of slipping in to town to get the fabric for some tops and a jacket. I also need to get some new shoes. But first I want to work a bit in here and then when it gets hot, I'll run into town.

So time to get busy. I've babbled enough today. The sewing room arrangement kept popping into my head during my sleep so we'll see if it works out in real life.


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