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Friday, April 27, 2018

My Quiltathon Starts In 3-2-1

Friday morning 6:30...Ernie has a weekend Hunter's Education Instructor training and left earlier this morning. He'll be home sometime Sunday late afternoon.  I have been planning a weekend Quiltathon for weeks.
And boy oh boy do I have plans!

Jamestown Landing is first on the list. Backing is made, batting is cut, vacuuming will begin as soon as I finish my coffee, grab a bite to eat, feed the critters and throw on some comfie clothes. Then it's a 3 or 4 episodes of NCIS Los Angles (yeah, I know, I'm really late to this party) that I have recorded and the basting party begins.

I plan to update this post throughout the weekend with my progress.  How much fun can I have?!? Let the games begin......

11:25  There was some unpinning because someone layed the top on the wrong direction. Ugh~
Now we are ready to quilt.  3 episodes of NCIS LA and some chat time with a friend.  Not too bad. I'm going to get my chicken in the crockpot and then get started.

4:40  Calling it a day...maybe. I may go back in after I eat something. I'm about 1/3 of the way done. Not a bad few hours work. I never made it back into the sewing room.

Day 2
Starting out after breakfast for a couple of hours before 3 grandsons arrive. It's soccer day for sister and movie day with Gramma. I don't get to see these guys nearly enough! So I do not mind taking time out for them.

I keep this lint brush close at hand.  I don't know how I get so many stray threads. I know where the cat hair comes from though. 😉

My afternoon was filled with boys, dogs, legos, cars and trucks and food.  What Quiltathon???

After a short nap and some dinner, I was headed back in to sew when the phone rang. My niece Katie and her family had been out this way on an adventure and wanted to stop by to visit before heading back in to town. Of course quilting can be put on hold a little longer! We had a wonderful visit and then it was off to bed to read. Tomorrow is a new day!

Day 3
3 pm and I'm calling my Quiltathon over. I've quilted most of the day and I'm tired now. So it's time to turn off the machine and the lights and call it a day in the sewing room. I've had a couple of issues today. By the skin of my teeth, I got this corner quilted without having to add a sliver of batting.

This is where I am leaving off today. I'm about half finished. I thought I was so much farther. LOL  But this is a big quilt and I am quilting a lot more dense that I had planned to. It's looking fabulous.
What a fun weekend but I am ready for Ernie to be home. 


Mary said...

I have some NCIS on my DVR. Wish I could stay home this weekend. My Calendar overflows with fun trips in May. Remember the May for Me? Have fun!!

Chris said...

Oh No! Good thing you realized it before you started quilting.

scraphappy said...

Jamestown Landing is one of my favorite patterns! I have a green version on my bed right now. Great progress today. What could be better than a quilting marathon?

Gretchen Weaver said...

I think your Jamestown Landing is such a beautiful quilt. Someday I'm going to make one for myself.