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Monday, March 05, 2018

Design Wall Monday

Last week I ran into a friend. 
She told me about her little grandson who had spent a long time in the hospital
and has had numerous surgeries.
On the way home, I told Ernie I was going to make that baby a quilt.
I needed to.
As I was working on it, I constantly thought about how lucky we were
that our children and their children are all so healthy.
I am thankful and very blessed.

So with sewing and thinking and thanking,
this cute cowboy Warm Wishes quilt top and backing has been handed off for quilting.
The binding is ready to attach. 
Thanks to my friend for the fabulous bag of fabric.
I knew it would be perfect for someone and I'm happy I found the someone.

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Suzanne said...

Sweet quilt..you are very thoughtful!

AnnieO said...

We, too, are thankful for healthy kids and grandkids. Sick little ones are so heartbreaking.

Mary said...

You are a nice Quilter. Warm wishes makes a quick finish.

Julie said...

What a great quilt and you are so thoughtful and it is a great combination of fabrics!

Ramona said...

How wonderful that you had the bag of fun fabrics just waiting for the right person to come along who needed a quilt It's such a great quilt, too, with the fussy cut squares and cowboy fabrics. This is what quilters do... provide warm hugs. Thank you, Judy!