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Sunday, February 04, 2018

January Pantry Challenge Wrap Up

It was a good month for the pantry challenge. 
I feel like I accomplished what I wanted to.
I have a good handle on what I need, what we use most
and what we are out of. 

I planned to continue into February 
but not as strict as I was in January.
I need to restock some things.

My true test was getting ready for the beach trip.
I normally menu plan for our time there and
I had no problem making a grocery list to supplement what I had.
This time I didn't want to shop.
I wanted to stick to the challenge.

I did really good except I forgot to take potatoes.
So Ernie "had" to go to the store.
His favorite is Jack's Country Store
and always finds a reason to go there.
 And Momma wanted Cinnamon Bears!

The real reason for the beach trip was it was open for clamming.
I didn't go.
I don't like the cold rain and digging in the dark.
So a few more clams have been stocked in the freezer.
I will use any excuse to go to the beach. 😀

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The Joyful Quilter said...

Congrats! on a successful Pantry Challenge. Best of luck on your February challenge!!