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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February UFO Progress

I was pretty thrilled when I was what my #9 was.

With all of the distractions in the month,
I'm happy to report all my pieces and parts for Jamestown Landing have been used
and have created a pretty darn fabulous quilt top.
I think Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville designs the most fabulous quilts.
I really do want to make them all. 
I'm going to keep at it and hopefully get it into a quilt before the end of March.

I'm going to call this month a success. 
I'm anxious to see what number is pulled for March. 


Mary said...

Bonnie is an excellent Inspiration to follow. Glad we are Quiltvillians. My list is not so long as yours.

Vireya said...

Bonnie does come up with some fantastic designs, doesn't she? Congratulations on your finished top.

AnnieO said...

You're braver than I to take on the zillion parts in her designs, but she does make good ones! Congratulations

scraphappydenise said...

I'm doing leaders and enders right now for jamestown Landing in Greens. my string blocks are nearly complete... but those 800 + HST are about 1/4 of the way done. Congratulations on getting your top together. I also love Bonnie's work and have several on my "Bucket List".

Lucky for me... my March # is my ROll, Roll Cotton Boll that still needs to be quilted!

Dar said...

Your Jamestown Landing is very pretty. I too like Bonnie's designs but I can't keep up with them. I have a couple that need work. I don't think my March UFO is one of hers though. Haven't looked at my list yet. lols Good luck with your Marck UFO.