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Monday, February 20, 2017

Design Wall Monday

There's not much to talk about his week. I sewed another t shirt and have another partially sewn and another cut out and waiting. I forgot to take any pictures. I love that they don't take long to sew. Simple front, back and 2 sleeves. Easy peasy and they fit and don't shrink up to show off my tummy.

 I don't know what happened but I decided to clean my sewing room. EEEKKK! That room was a scary place and now it's even scarier. But I'm making good progress.

Really I do know what happened, I read a Facebook post where a woman was given all of a friend's stash. It was an OhMyGoodness moment for me. I needed to get my stuff in order.

In the evenings there has been hexi work. Lots of basting. I've added a few more sections to my On The Road Quilt. I'll lay it out when the row is complete for a picture. I discovered I need to make lots more neutral blocks. 

The t shirts have to be finished first. That's a good project for this rainy, rainy day. I'll put in an hour or so more time cleaning, because I have a few piles to sort through still. Then I'll sew and sew and sew... (that picture is an old whoopsie, haven't done that it a while so I better pay attention.)

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Nann said...

Your t-shirt project reminds me of the days when Stretch and Sew patterns were all the rage. (I woke up this morning thinking about the boxes of fashion fabric that I just can't part with....)

Mary said...

Glad you can get your STUFF Organized. It's a Rainy Day here too. When did I move to the WET side? I NEED the SUN!!! Hope you'll be wearing your NEW Shirts at the Retreat so I can see them. Oops on the Hexie.