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Monday, November 07, 2016

Design Wall Monday

Retreats are over for the year.
See my big sad face?!?
I couldn't help but smile every time I walked past this guy.
I spent the weekend with my middle daughter, Crystal.
It's always fun when one of your own shares your passion.

I worked mostly on Garden Party.
My goal was to finish all my blocks.

I did it!!
I asked (a bit loud) who wanted to see my Garden Party Quilt 
and then held up my box full of blocks.
I love when my friends understand the silliness.

Finally on Sunday morning I got to working on my Jamestown Landing blocks.
These blocks hadn't seen the light of day since the last retreat in May.
I sewed the broken dishes blocks into pairs.

Then it was time to come home,
I think I made some pretty good progress.
I'm excited to get both of these projects up on the design wall.

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1 comment:

Ramona said...

YAY!! for finishing your blocks! Can't wait to see them sewn together into the top. Glad you have fun at your retreat.