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Friday, July 08, 2016

On The Needles

This hat is off the needles and when Corbin put it on, it's too tight.
I'll start over with everything I've learned from this project.
I had it finished with a different design on top.
It was waaaayyyy too tight so I cut yarn and pulled it out down to the black above the robots.
Then I picked up all the stitches-successfully the first time!-and added the X design.
It's still to tight.
It just barely goes on his head.
He loves it!
So I am going to make him another with the robots and
 be very careful about pulling my traveling yarn too tight!!!

Then I started on Leland's hat.
I sat down early this morning and finished the knitting.
Now I have to make a pompom.
He can hardly wait!
Too bad my picture doesn't show how bright this is.

We road tripped again last weekend.
We were gone for 5 days.
These boys are turning into really good travelers.
Yes, hubby's seat covers are camo.
Yes, I let my dogs sleep on the truck quilt. 
I love how little 6 pound Jessie takes his half of the seat right out of the middle. 

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Sharon said...

Those are wonderful hats!. I'm sorry the first one doesn't fit. Do you have another little boy to grow into it

Ramona said...

Great hats! So sorry the first one doesn't fit, but I'm glad you learned things from making it. Hopefully the second one will move right along.